Bed Time Story & Tuck-In

Evening Story Time and Tuck-In with Santa

Do you fancy Santa telling your kids a bedtime story? We can make this happen. Santa Chris will come over at bedtime and read a story to your child and tuck them into bed.

Sometimes, kids just don't want the day to end; they don't want to stop playing and wish the day could carry on forever, creating a challenge for the parents. Let Santa share this challenge with a little Santa magic. Kids love Santa, and they will love having Santa Chris read them a bedtime story and tucking them into bed.

We work with you on this, to help us pick the right story or stories for your child and we don't mind reading one or more. Santa will listen to your child's bedtime prayer, if that is your family tradition. The idea is to make them fall asleep with a memory they will cherish for a lifetime.

Santa Chris has a collection of wonderful bedtime stories that your kds will enjoy. We bring the Christmas season right to you kid's beds. We are out to give every kid that special moment in their life. Chris, the founder of the company, has 20 years of experience providing holiday entertainment as well as being a teacher.

Children love Santa and Santa loves children - so it will be pretty hard for kids to refuse to go to bed when they know Santa will be there to tuck them in and read an amazing story for them. Contact us today to schedule your evening story time and Santa tuck-in.

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